EMH Technical Services Ltd is a new and dynamic Technical/Electrical/Data installation &service provider. The company was established with the purpose of bringing Industry best practice to theSouth West Region.

The company is headed by Eric Howey who has almost 20 years of electrical, instrumentation, project management & contract management experience and a former contracts manager of KIERNAN Engineering Ltd one of the largest contractors in the southern region.

Our company operates from offices in Cork and utilises industry leading principles to ensure its clients are provided a service which sets a new standard in the region.

EMH is presently engaging with some high profile clients such as HSE, FlynnManagement, CIT, providing installations ranging from Industrial to offices, commercial electrical works of small schemes right up to larger individual projects, working in conjunction with the developers of these schemes.

Eric Howey has over 20 years practical experience on a very wide of installations fromPharmaceutical sites, upgrading & refurbishment as well as office / commercial developments, hotels as well as large & upmarket housing schemes.

Throughout this time Eric has formed strong partnerships with clients operating in some of these highly regulated industries including: Pharmaceutical Plants, ManufacturingFacilities, Large Construction Projects, Government Organizations. These relationships continue to thrive on his ability to innovate and deliver engineering excellence on time, on budget, and more importantly in a safe manner.

This experience and approach contributed to the incorporation of EMH Technical ServicesLtd. Which will operate a comprehensive electrical contracting service where we will deliver our clients’ needs and requirements.

Our goal is to participate in Partnerships and collaborations with our clients. We feel the development of these partnerships and the growth in confidence will ultimately benefit all parties, not just at management level but also with the employees/associates of each organisation.

Our ambition is to evolve with the help of modern, technical innovative processes, using modern construction methods and modular systems whilst incorporating the use of digital systems to maintain our business.

Finally, SAFETY is intrinsic to everything we do in every way we operate, indeed we atEMH Technical Services Ltd consider safety as part of our DNA. This ethos will be evident in the execution of our projects

Contact us

Phone: 0860329574

Email: eric@emh-elect.ie


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